22.02.13 Joint publications of the PhenOxiGEn consortium

PhenOxiGEn partners published in Nature and Cell.

Using a combination of latest high-end molecular assays the teams of Jürg Bähler and Ruedi Aebersold were able to determine the absolute numbers of RNA and protein molecules in eukaryotic cells (fission yeast). This is the first study showing those numbers on a genomic scale.

The results got published in Cell last year.

The teams of Ruedi Aebersold and Andreas Beyer used targeted proteomics methods (Selected Reaction Monitoring, SRM) to determine protein concentrations at unprecedented precision and reproducibility in a panel of 78 genetically diverse yeast strains. This data was used for determining protein quantitative trait loci (pQTL) affecting protein concentrations. The study revealed a surprisingly large number of epistatic interactions between loci and it lead to the discovery that several loci independently altered the levels of proteins in a common pathway.

The researchers published their findings in Nature.



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